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Static Cling Posters sometimes fall off the window or get lots of air pockets as they lose their static properties. Our Window Cling material has a ultra low tack adhesive that will not disrupt the recycling process. Great affordable window poster solution.

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BIOstick Paper
Price:$4.50 - $1.58 per sq. foot (depending on volume)
Min. size:12x18 inches
Max. size:   192x48 inches

This is a biodegradable white adhesive back 36# coated paper. It has a matte finish and a permenant adhesive on the back. The adhesive is also biodegradable. This is perfect for anyone looking to attach a graphic to cardboard or any other surface. 

Thickness: 4mil
Colors and Ink: 8 Color, HP Vivid Photo Pigment Ink
Expected Life: Indoor 3yr in direct sunlight (window)
Waterproof: No
Fire Rating: N/A
Surface: Smooth Matte Finish
Finishing Options: Lamination and more... 
How's it Green? Biodegradable

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24x24 inches
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