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Custom Plastic Signs are easy to order using our one of a kind web design tool. You create your sign to say anything you want. Create yard signs, parking lot signs or even directional signs for your parking garage. Waterproof and durable.

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4mm Corrugated Plastic (corex)
Price:$7.00 - $1.68 per sq. foot (depending on volume)
Min. size:8x8 inches
Max. size:   48x48 inches

This is a polypropylene sign material. Most commonly used on yard signs, it is corrugated and lightweight. We print directly to the surface with inks that are safe for recycling. Ideal for all kinds of sign applications used indoor and outdoor.

Thickness: 4mm
Colors and Ink: 6 Color, UV Cured Pigmented Ink
Expected Life: Outdoor 1yr, Indoor 3yr in direct sunlight (window)
Waterproof: Yes
Fire Rating: N/A
Surface: Slightly Ridged Matte Finish
Finishing Options: Holes for hanging, H-Post for yard signs and more... 
How's it Green? Plastic Recylable Code 5  

Materials per page:

24x24 inches
(example size)

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