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create a poster Milwaukee WI, order custom banners online from your office or homeWhile Milwaukee is known as a brewing and manufacturing powerhouse, it also has a reputation of being the "City of Festivals." The Wisconsin State Fair lasts for 11 days and attracts nearly a million visitors every year. Likewise, Summerfest attracts a similar number of visitors, and earns the honor of being the biggest music festival in the world. Milwaukee is also home to a variety of ethnically themed festivals throughout the summer in celebration of the city's cultural diversity. With so many different groups coexisting in one place, there's bound to be a lot of restaurants and shops that offer a wide selection of ethnic cuisine. If you own a restaurant and you want to attract foodies, then you can cost-effective advertising is to your benefit. BuyGreenSigns.com offers cheap printing services on eco-friendly posters, banners, and signs. You can use posters on your windows to advertise your menu of the day. You can hang up banners in your booth at the festival to tell visitors about your specialty. Or you can use street signs to lure customers in with your daily deals. With Buy Green Signs, you can generate business at a low cost and  stay eco-friendly. eco-friendly banners, posters and signs Milwaukee WI

At Buy Green Signs, we pride ourselves in our commitment to the environment. We use non-toxic inks that won't damage air quality, will produce sharp and bright pictures, and will last a long time. You'll notice that all of our printing materials are either biodegradable or recyclable. Our biodegradable products are resilient, and will last as long as you need them to. The biodegradation process begins when the materials hit the landfill and are exposed to the heat and moisture that incite the fermentation process. If recycling is your "green" go-to, HP will make it easy through their Take-Back Program. They'll accept any and all of their products purchased from BuyGreenSigns.com, and they'll even pay for shipping. It's easy!

To order, simply follow our easy five-step process and add to cart. We have a wide variety of pre-designed templates for your convenience. Or if you want to customize your posters, banners, and sign, we have a tool that allows you to do that too. To learn more about the HP Take-Back program, check out our tutorial videos.  Give us a call when you're ready to order... we'd love to speak with you!

Phone: 800-277-9392

Email: info@buygreensigns.com

Price Comparison for 24"x36" Heavy Matte Poster

Company Single Poster Bulk Order (10+ Posters)
FedEx (Kinkos) $43.50 $30.45
Staples $45.98 No Discount
Office Max $35.98 No Discount
Buy Green Signs $12.00 (depending on volume) $10.20-$4.00


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